Town Of Williamsport, MD




Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Williamsport


Title Page




           Chapter 1: Introduction


Introduction/Background, Desired Objectives and Goals, Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation Initiatives, Rural Legacy Program, Brownsfield Legislation, Live Near Your Work Program, Job Creation Tax Credit Program, Current County-State and Local Improvement Programs (Exhibit 1)


           Chapter 2: Goals/Objectives

Goals/Objectives, Historic Resources


           Chapter 3: Town History

Town History, Plat William’s-Port 1787 (Exhibit 2)


           Chapter 4: Natural Features


General Geography, Geological Characteristics, Soil Characteristics, Water Surface Water Characteristics, Water Quality, Water Quality in Conococheague Creek, Climate


           Chapter 5: Sensitive Areas


Sensitive Areas, Habitats of Valuable, Rare, and Endangered Plant and Animal Species


           Chapter 6: Land Use Element

Land Use Element/Introduction, Relationship to Land Use and Zoning in Surrounding Areas, Housing, Town Center, Comparison of Average Apartment Rent Between Washington County and Town Center (Exhibit 3), Use of Parcels-Breakdown (Exhibit 4), Use of Parcels-General (Exhibit 4), Town Center/Trade Areas, Comparison of Trade in Trade Areas (Exhibit 5), Trade in Town Center (Exhibit 6), Business/Own/Rent/Trade (Exhibit 7), Business Property Ownership/Lease Percentage (Exhibit 8), Current List of Establishments, Williamsport, Maryland, June 2010 (Exhibit 9), Historic Preservation Easements, Historic Preservation Loan Program, Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits, Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area, Williamsport Investment Zone (TIZ), Policy-Recommendation-Implementation, Additional Recommendations/Visions/Goals


           Chapter 7: Transportation Element


Transportation Element/Introduction, Highways, Street and Highway Plan, Trails, Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities, Recommended Action, Rail Service, Truck Transportation, Recommendations for Action/Policy Statements, Suggested Actions and Recommendations, Highway Standards (Exhibit 10)


           Chapter 8: Community Services Element


Community Services Element (Community Facilities) Introduction, Town Administration, State Government Services, Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Williamsport Fire and Emergency Medical Services, History/Background, Coordination/Response Areas, Response Area/Order, Types of Incidents Responded (Exhibit 11), Williamsport Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. Response Order to Incidents (Exhibit 12), Recreation-Parks and Open Spaces, Regional Facilities, River Bottom Park, Byron Memorial Park, Billie Doub Park, School Sites, Museums, Camping/Recreation Centers, Libraries, Four Star Athletic Complex, Youth Activities in the Community, Williamsport Community Band, Schools Serving Williamsport/Education Facilities Introduction, Higher Education, Hagerstown Community College (HCC), Kaplan University-Hagerstown (KU-H), University System of Maryland at Hagerstown (USMH), Antietam Bible College (ABC), Public Schools, Smart Growth, Williamsport High School Educational Service Area, 2010 High School Attendance Zone (Exhibit 13), Student Capacity Calculations/Williamsport High School (Exhibit 14), Facilities Inventory/Williamsport High School (Exhibit 15), Springfield Middle School, 2010 Middle School Attendance Zone (Exhibit 16), Student Capacity Calculations/Springfield Middle School (Exhibit 17), Facilities Inventory/Springfield Middle School (Exhibit 18), Williamsport Elementary School, 2010 Elementary School Attendance Zone (Exhibit 19), Student Capacity Calculations/Williamsport Elementary School (Exhibit 20), Facilities Inventory/Williamsport Elementary School (Exhibit 21), Board of Education of Washington County, Maryland, Hagerstown, Maryland Enrollment (Exhibit 22), Ethic Report (Exhibit 23), Board of Education of Washington County Enrollment (Exhibit 24), Washington County Public Schools Full Time Enrollment Projections 2010-2019 (Exhibit 25), Health Systems and Facilities/Introduction, Antietam Health Center, Additional Medical and Dental Offices, Dental Offices, Nearby Facilities, Western Maryland Center, Elderly Care/Homewood Retirement Center, The Williamsport Retirement Village, Childcare/Daycare Facilities, Solid Waste Collection and Disposal, Utilities-Electric, Commercial Electric Rates (Exhibit 26), Town of Williamsport Electric Distribution (Exhibit 27), Town of Williamsport, Maryland MPSC Gross Operating Revenue (Exhibit 28), Town of Williamsport Electric Rate (Exhibit 29), Goals-Considerations and Recommendations, Water, Water Rates, Sewage, Alternative Water Supply, Water and Sewer Rates-2010-Town of Williamsport (Exhibit 30)

           Chapter 9: Municipal Growth Element

Municipal Growth/Introduction, Future Population and Economic Development, Economic Projection/Future Trends, Projected Employment in Washington County (Exhibit 31), Williamsport/Washington County Population and Economy, Washington County Population (Exhibit 32), Washington County Population by Municipalities (Exhibit 33), Population Trends 1910-2008, Williamsport & Washington County (Exhibit 34), Population by Age Group, 1970-2000 Williamsport, Maryland (Exhibit 35), Population by Age Group Washington County, Maryland (Exhibit 36), Age Comparison, Washington County, Maryland-2008 (Exhibit 37), Age Comparison 1990 & 2000 Williamsport (Exhibit 38), Characteristics of the County’s Economy, Industry Group as a Percentage of Labor Force, Washington County and Maryland, 2000 (Exhibit 39), Williamsport Area Businesses Listed in 2010 Businesses and Industry Directory for Washington County, MD (Exhibit 40), Labor (Exhibit 41), 2009 Top 15 Employers in Washington County (Exhibit 42), Distribution of Employment of Occupation (Exhibit 43), Distribution of Employment by Place of Work (Exhibit 44), Business Patterns of Washington County (Exhibit 45), Washington County Business and Industrial Parks, Relationships to Land Use and Zoning in Surrounding Areas, Washington County Maryland/Business and Industrial Park Listing (Exhibit 46)

           Chapter 10: Future Growth/Annexations


Municipal Growth/Future Growth/Annexations, Annexation Policy, Ultimate Effects of Annexation, Possible Annexation Areas

           Chapter 11: Current Improvement Projects-Potential Development Areas

Current Improvement Projects-Brook Grove Foundation, Sheetz Convenience Store, Williamsport Adventures LLC, Williamsport Volunteer Fire and EMS Company, Potential Areas Susceptible to Development/Residential, Commercial, Eastern End of Williamsport, North Side of Potomac Street, Former Conomac Park


           Chapter 12: Environmental Regulations Element


Environmental Sensitive Areas Element, Control of Erosion and Sedimentation, Excavations, Floodplain Management, Forest Conservation Act, Stormwater Management, Ordinance Regulating Sewer Use

           Chapter 13: Water Resources Element

Introduction-Water Resources, Emergency Source of Water, Water Service