Town Of Williamsport, MD




                  River Rat Day    





What is a River Rat? The River Rat has a long history here in Williamsport. It was originally the mascot for Springfield Middle School. It was designed by the then track coach, as denoted by the cleats the River Rat is wearing. To some, being called a River Rat was an insult, but as the years have passed, it stands as a symbol of Town Pride. Springfield Middle School has since adopted a new mascot in the Cougar, and the town has adapted the River Rat as a town mascot.






In 2013, the Town of Williamsport wanted to celebrate the River Rat by hosting a special River Rat Day. It is now an annual event, held on the steps of Town Hall. The Town celebrates River Rat Day the first Saturday in February. People gather around the steps of Town Hall to listen to a story about the history of the River Rat and to witness whether or not the River Rat will see his shadow. It is the Town’s unique version of Ground Hog Day






After the ceremony at Town Hall. A group picture is taken of all the people wearing their River Rat shirts. For people wearing their River Rat shirts, they can receive discounts at local businesses and be entered to win a Cheesy Prize.


This is a fun, family friendly event to celebrate Town spirit! It is a nice way to engage the community during the dreary months of winter and to get people excited about the upcoming spring season.