Town Of Williamsport, MD




Subdivision Zoning Ordinances for the Town of Williamsport


Zoning Map

Table of Contents


Article One: Title, Purpose, Interpretation, Applicability, Separability

             Short Title, Purpose, Interpretation, Separability

Article Two: Definitions


             General Provisions, Alley, Applicant, Block, Building, Cartway, Comprehensive Plan, Cut, Dwelling, Easement,              Engineer, Engineer-Town, Improvements, Improvements Completion Guarantee, Landowner, Lot, Lot Line,              Maintenance Guarantee, Mayor and Council, Person, Planning Commission, Plat, Resubdivision, Right-of-Way,              Right-of-Way-Future, Runoff, Sewage Disposal System, Septic Tank, Street, Street Line, Subdivision,                         Subdivision-Minor, Surveyor, Water Supply System

Article Three: Requirements and Penalties

            Plats and Plat Approval Required

Article 4: Administration and Appeal

            Planning Commission’s Authority, Development Administrator, Fees, Appeals

Article 5; Procedural Regulations

             Tentative Sketch Plan, Minor Subdivision Plat, Preliminary Plan, Final Plat, Acceptance of Streets and                         Improvements

Article 6: Plat Preparation Regulations

             Tentative Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plat, Minor Subdivision Plat, Final Plat, Record Plat

Article 7: Design Regulations

             General Standards, Lot Standards, Block Standards, General Street Standards, Street Design Standards, Street              Intersection Standards, Cul-de-sac Street Standards, Sidewalk Standards, Storm Drainage Standards, Sanitary              Sewage Disposal Standards, Water Supply and Distribution Standards, Public Utility Standards

Article 8: Improvement Specification Regulations

             Purpose and General Requirements, Street Curb and Sidewalk Specifications, Sewage Disposal System                         Specifications, Water Supply System Specifications, Storm Drainage and Erosion Control Specifications,                          Monument Specifications, Street Sign Specifications, Traffic Control Devices

Article 9: Improvement Guarantees

            Contracts, Guaranty

Article 10: Regulations For Planned Residential Developments

Purpose, Eligibility and General Requirements, Types and Densities of Land Uses, Natural Features Analysis, Community Impact Analysis, Site Design Principles, Design Principles for Common Open Spaces, Design Principles for Streets, Parking Standards, Water Supply and Sewage Disposal Standards, Tree Conservation and Landscaping, Ownership Maintenance and Preservation of Common Open Space, Procedural Requirements, Hearing