Town Of Williamsport, MD







Springfield Farm Tenant Farmers
1897 - 1918
Isaac Hoffman Family
Front Row - Clara (Hager) & Isaac Hoffman
Vivian (Hoffman) Neikirk
Back Row - Howard, Roy, Grant & Frank


Tenant House



While the owners of Springfield Farm lived in the mansion house, it was the tenant farmers that lived in the Springfield Farm tenant house and worked and farmed the large fields of Springfield Farm.  They helped supply much of the needed food and supplies for Williamsport and Washington County.  The farm land stretched from Potomac River and Conococheague Creek banks to the Hagerstown City Park. Williamsport is currently restoring the Springfield tenant house to the period during the late 1880-1920’s – one family that lived in the tenant house was the Isaac Hoffman family.  They farmed the land, growing wheat, corn, other crops, milking cows, hogs, chickens, eggs, goats and horses. Butchering was always a great day on the farm starting early in the morning.  Mrs. Clara Hoffman planted a kitchen garden with herbs and vegetables. The kitchen was always a busy place – canning produce and meat for the hard winters, baking bread, pies and cakes, making quilts to warm her family on cold winter nights and once saved her children from a fire at the tenant house started by a faulty lantern.                                                               


Historic fruit trees, George IV 1820 Peach, Bavay’s Green Gage Plum 1700, Newton Pippin 1759 Apple, Bartlett Pear 1700, Baldwin 1784 Apple, Gravenstein 1790 Apple, were planted by the Potomac Garden Club in honor of Williamsport Town Founder, Revolutionary War Hero, Brigadier General Otho Holland Williams.


Patriot Tree in Memory of two local
Navy Service Members,
Seaman Craig B. Wibberley and Fireman Patrick H. Roy, who lost their lives by terrorists bombing, while serving on the U.S.S. Cole, October 12, 2000
and the
  Remembrance Garden


Eagle Scout project of Colton Shirley 2013
Bricks are placed in memory and in honor of loved ones,
For information on purchasing a brick for the Remembrance Garden,
Contact Town Hall (301) 223-7711


Remembrance Brick Order Form



The Springfield Farm is located at 12 Springfield Lane, Williamsport, MD 21795.