Town Ordinances for the Town of Williamsport



Charter of the Town of Williamsport


Resolution and Ordinance Adopting the Code of the Town of Williamsport


Table of Contents


                                                            Volume One

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Chapter 2: County Ordinance Exemption

Chapter 3: Absentee Voting

Chapter 4: Admissions and Amusement Tax

Chapter 5: Alcoholic Beverages, Consumption Of

Chapter 6: Animal Control

Chapter 7: Building Code

            Part 1:


            Section 1: Purpose


            Section 2: Authority

            Section 3: Codes

            Section 4: Applicability

            Section 5: Enforcement

            Section 6: Appeals

            Section 7: Conflicts

            Section 8: Severability

            Section 9: Addendum


            Part 2: Codes

            1. BOCA National Building Code, 13th Edition

            2. CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code

            3. International Mechanical Code

            Part 3: Codes Continued

            4. National Electrical Code

            5. International Plumbing Code

Chapter 8: Cable Television Franchise

Chapter 9: Civil Emergencies

Chapter 10: Contractual Services, Sealed Bids

Chapter 11: Curfew for Minors

Chapter 12: Drug Free Zone

Chapter 13: Erosion and Sedimentation, Control Of

Chapter 14: Ethics, Code Of

Chapter 15: Excavations

Chapter 16: Fire Regulations

Chapter 17: Firearms and Weapons

Chapter 18: Flood Plain Management

Chapter 19: Forest Conservation Act

Chapter 20: Housing Authority

Chapter 21: Investment Policy

Chapter 22: Massage Business

Chapter 23: Peddlers

Chapter 24: Planning Commission

Chapter 25: Salaries, Mayor and Council

Chapter 26: Sewer System Bonds

Chapter 27: Sewer Use Regulations

Chapter 28: Sidewalks and Curbs

Chapter 29: Sidewalks, Projections Over

Chapter 30: Skateboard, Roller Skates

Chapter 31: Storm Water Management

Chapter 32: Trailers

Chapter 33: Vehicles, Impoundment and Immobilization

Chapter 34: Water and Sewage Rates

Chapter 35: Water, Mandatory Hookup

Chapter 36: Weeds, Grasses and Vegetation