Town Of Williamsport, MD


Town of Williamsport Visitor’s Center Art Gallery


On May 12th, 2014, the Town of Williamsport hosted an opening for a new Visitor’s Center Art Gallery inside our Town Hall. The idea to open a Visitor’s Center within Town Hall came from one our Council members, Alan Redding. He recognized the trend amongst other visitor’s centers to include and sell art works by local artisans and craftsman. We converted a meeting room, which was underutilized, into such a space! Now, we display and sell local art work. In addition, we provide information about the town and our local businesses to visitors. We have a diverse selection of art works, such as oil paintings, water color, and photography. Also for sale are various craft items, such as homemade candles, wood work, fiber art, scarves and jewelry. If you’re visiting Williamsport, you must stop in and visit our Visitor’s Center Art Gallery!