Town Of Williamsport, MD




Zoning Ordinances for the Town of Williamsport


Zoning Map


Table of Contents


            Article One: Title, Purpose, Interpretation, Applicability, Separability

            Short Title, Purpose, Interpretation, Applicability, Separability

            Article Two: Definitions


General Provisions, Accessory Use or Building, Alley, Alterations, Area, Automobile Service Station, Building, Building Coverage, Building Height, Building Setback Lines, Drive-Thru Restaurant, Dwelling, Essential Utility Equipment, Highway Service Plaza, Home Professional Office or Home Operations, Hotel Motel or Motor Hotel, Lot, Lot Line, Mayor and Council, Mobile Home, Mobile Home Park, Motor Vehicle Repair Garage, Noncomforming Structure or Lot, Noncomforming Use, Person, Planning Commission, Rooming Boarding or Lodging House, Sectional (“Double-Wide”) Dwelling, Sewage Disposal System, Sign, Special Exception Use, Street, Structure, Travel Trailer, Use, Water Supply System, Yard

            Article Three: Zoning Districts and Use Regulations

Zoning Districts and Map, Interpretation of District Boundaries, Uses Permitted in Zoning Districts, Newly Annexed Areas, Legislative Intent and Purposes for Zoning Districts, Table of Use Regulations, Natural Resources and Agricultural Uses, Residential Uses, Public or Private Recreational Use, Institutional Educational and Utility Uses, Retail and Commercial Services Uses, Manufacturing and Industrial Uses, Miscellaneous and Accessory Uses

             Article 4: Lot Area and Yard Regulations

General Dimensional Requirements, Table of Dimensional Requirements for Principal Uses, Residential Uses, Recreational and Institutional Uses, Retail and Commercial Services Uses, Manufacturing and Other Uses, Exceptions to Minimum Lot Sizes, Lot Area or Yard Required, Front Yard Reduction, Permitted Projections Into Required Yards, Traffic Visibility at Corners, Accessory Buildings in Side and Rear Yards, Yards on Corner Lots, Height Regulations

             Article 5: Special Provisions

Environmental Protection-Flood Plains, Special Setback Requirements, General Performance Standards, Planned Residential (Cluster) Development (PRD), Standards for Mobile Home Parks, Historic District Regulations


           Article 6: Off-Street Parking and Loading

Required Off-Street Parking Space, General Regulations Applying to Required Off-Street Parking Facilities, Design Standards, Off-Street Loading Areas


           Article 7: Sign Regulations

Purpose, Applicability and Exemptions, Permit Requirements, Measuring Sign Area, General Sign Regulations, Prohibited Features, Noncomforming Signs, Permitted Signs Accessory to On-Premises Uses, Permitted Signs Relating to Off-Premises Uses


           Article 8: Noncomformities

Continuation, Alteration or Extension, Restoration, Abandonment, Changes, Noncomforming Use Certificate


            Article 9: Administration

Zoning Administrator—Duties and Powers, Zoning Permits, Application Requirements for Zoning Permits, Fees, Life of a Permit


            Article 10: Board of Appeals

Establishment of Board, Membership-Terms of Office, Procedures-Meetings-Records and Decisions, Who May Appeal to Board, Powers and Duties-Interpretation, Powers and Duties-Variances, Powers and Duties-Special Exceptions, Rules for Filing Appeals and Applications, Notice of Hearings, Review by the Planning Commission on Applications for Special Exceptions-Variances and interpretations, Decisions by the Board, Time Limitations on Board Approvals, Appeal to Court


            Article 11: Amendments, Remedies and Penalties

Power of Amendment, Who May Initiate Proposals, Fees, Public Hearing and Notice, Facts to be Considered by the Mayor and Town Council, Action by the Mayor and Town Council, Enforcement and Remedies